Protecting a Legacy

One of the most important beneficial aspects of the Laurenco Waterproofing System is that it can be used in such a wide variety of applications. With such a simple application method (all you need is a roll, a pail, a squeegee, and a utility knife), the system can be applied on foundation work

(blind side and standard), plaza decks, vegetative roofing, exposed roofing, IRMA roofing, sidewalks, tunnels, bridges, fountains, planters, power plants, dams, and many more. With this diversity, it is no wonder why architects have been raving about the product for over 50 years.

While its application is fairly simple and straightforward, it is a durable and tough water-proofer that will withstand even the harshest of conditions. That is why many have chosen it to protect some of the most expensive and valued building projects, such as including museums, universities, hospitals, governmental buildings, etc. There could be no worse waterproofing nightmare than to spend millions of dollars to erect a beautiful architectural work of art only to find out the roof leaks, damaging onto cherished artifacts or expensive medical equipment.

With its long track record of success, Laurenco has been a part of some of the greatest works of art in the architectural world. When working on designing a large construction job, make sure you consider Laurenco Waterproofing System, and protect what really needs to be protected.

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