Laurenco Roll #A7400

The Laurenco roll is created with a specially formulated asphalt that is modified with chloroprene rubber, as well as the addition of appropriate fillers, curing agents, and plasticizers. Summer, Spring/Fall, and Winter grades are available, which enable the sheet to be applied year round and in most temperatures.

The Laurenco roll is available as 220 square foot rolls. The rolls are placed on cores and a disposable release sheet is used to enable easy application and removal from the packaging. The cores are then placed in a specially designed box which supports the roll and prevents it from being damaged.

Note: The Laurenco Roll is one part of the two part Laurenco system. It should only be applied in with the Laurenco Adhesive. The adhesive serves as a chemical bonding agent, that when applied in conjunction with the roll, creates a fully bonded waterproofing membrane system. For more information please see the Laurenco Product Assembly page.