High Temp/ Low Temp

Construction jobs can be long– sometimes going as long as 16 years or longer to reach completion. While some are located in beautiful climates that do not have seasonal changes, others are not so lucky. With the flux of temperature, working crews have to also be able to adapt their building materials.

At Laurenco Waterproofing, we keep this in mind when we are making our adhesives to make it as easy as possible for to use in hot or cold temperatures.

We formulate our adhesives into a high temperature and low temperature grades. When we know that the material is going to a particular climate that is hot, we make the viscosity thicker so it stays at the same consistency as if it were at room temperature. In cold climates, we do the opposite. and Our make a low temperature formula that has a lower viscosity and flows more readily, so when you are going to do a job in an area with a daily high of 20 degrees F, the adhesive will be at the right consistency to apply smoothly onto its intended surface.

Whether it be is 90 degrees F and sunny or a balmy 15 degrees F, we have the right solution for your waterproofing job. For more information about our different grades of adhesives, please call us at (800) 321-3337.

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