FBC Chemical Buys Rights to Manufacture Laurenco

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Laurenco Waterproofing System by FBC Chemical. In 2013, FBC bought the rights to the intellectual property of Laurenco and built a fully-integrated machine to produce the Laurenco Rolls. While the purchase was relatively new, FBC is no stranger to the Laurenco product. ALCM, a division of FBC Chemical, has been producing the time-tested Laurenco adhesive for many years, prioritizing keeping the quality standards high. As a company, FBC Chemical has been diversifying away from sole chemical distribution and has turned more of its focus as a company on manufacturing. This switch has allowed FBC to be more balanced as a company.

In the recent global recession of 2008, many companies were struggling to make ends meet, and Laurenco was among those in economic turmoil. With its existing financial stability, FBC Chemical saw an excellent opportunity to purchase the intellectual rights to manufacture and produce the Laurenco Waterproofing System. FBC created jobs during a time where most companies were downsizing and has taken the brand to a whole different level. Today, Laurenco is recognized throughout the building materials industry as a durable and effective waterproofing system that has continued to perform for over 60 years, making it the single longest continually marketed waterproofing system in existence today.

For more information or questions regarding Laurenco Waterproofing or FBC Chemical, please give us a call at (800) 321-3337.

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