Interview with Brian Keane

At FBC Chemical, we have dedicated ourselves to cultivate a business atmosphere to take care of our employees, suppliers, and customers as if they were our own family. One stand-out employee is a gentleman by the name of Brian Keane, who is our the director of the Laurenco Waterproofing Division.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Brian and ask him a few questions regarding his experience with FBC and Laurenco.

How did you get to be involved with Laurenco Waterproofing?
“I was doing forensic consulting work on a condominium project on Miami Beach in 1997-1998. We needed a waterproofing material for remedial repairs to planter and plaza areas. The material needed to be compatible with the existing material already in place. We contacted Laurenco with questions. In response to our questions the owner loaded their car with materials for a mock up and arrived on site, from Ohio, the following morning. This was the start of my dealing with Laurenco.”

What sets Laurenco Waterproofing apart from other waterproofing systems on the market?
“Laurenco has been continuously produced with a proven track record for 60 years, no other waterproofing system, that I am aware of, has that kind of sustainability. Laurenco also offers some of the strongest warranties in the industry.”

What is your role with Laurenco?
“FBC Chemical hired me as the Director of the waterproofing division. As such, I am responsible for all aspects of the Laurenco waterproofing system from sales, technical & warranty to assistance with development of new products and systems for Laurenco/FBC.”

Why are you excited about the future with Laurenco?
“Laurenco is well known in the industry. It is no secret that Laurenco was struggling, like many companies, with the down-turn of the economy. The acquisition by FBC Chemical and the financial backing they bring opens up many opportunities for growth and expansion of the Laurenco line. Laurenco is experiencing a complete re-branding.”

We want to thank Brian for taking the time to interview with the team. If you have any further questions regarding Laurenco, please do not hesistate to call us at (800) 321-3337.

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