The Beacon – “F” Building

The Beacon is a new luxury apartment complex sprouting from the remnants of the old Jersey City Medical Center. The hospital was closed in 2005 and work has begun to renovate all 8 buildings. Below is an example of the installation of a green roof over the old ambulatory building (currently the “F” Building) that used the Laurenco Waterproofing System. Also, it should be noted that this project was completed BEFORE the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. The vegetative roofing and waterproofing weathered the storm without any damage!

Existing Roof

Existing roofing being removed to exposed the structural concrete deck.  The Laurenco Waterproofing System was chosen for this job because the system can be installed over the existing residue (asphalt & coal-tar-pitch) already present on the roof.  Other systems would have required extensive scarification to provide a clean substrate. This would have added cost and time to the project.  Additionally, the concrete substrate had been subjected to continued wetting due to the leaking roof.  The Laurenco Waterproofing System only requires a surface dry condition for application, again saving time in the re-roofing process.  Time equals money!  The damaged concrete substrate was repaired and all drains were removed and installed with new bi-level (2-stage) drains.

2 removeal and laurenco

The left side of the photo shows approximately 1/3 of the roof surface covered with 1-layer of the Laurenco Waterproofing System.  Another advantage to the Laurenco System is the ability to get the project completely dried-in with 1-layer prior to the installation of the second layer.  This application process is not required, however, it allows the building operations to resume quicker without the potential risk of leaks from a staged construction.

3 laurenco installed

99% complete with first layer installation. The second layer will commence once first layer is complete.  Once the project is 100% completed with both layers, a flood-test per ASTM  D-5957 or EFVM (electronic field vector mapping) will be conducted.

4 protection board

Protection board is being set in a Laurenco Adhesive at approximately 2-gallons/100 square feet.  Since completion of this project, Laurenco has developed a roll-applied, sanded surface protection course that allows flood-testing to be completed after the installation of protection sheet, if desired.  The roll protection sheet is also faster to install and easier for crews to handle.

5 root barrier and water retention mat

Progress photo (showing from left to right): Filter fabric, drain mat, root barrier, protection board, and 2-layers of the waterproofing system.  NOTE: the designer on record called for an additional filter fabric above the drain mat. The majority of drain mats, including Laurenco-Drain, include a built-in filter fabric.

6 growing media

Growing medium is being installed.  Laurenco Waterproofing has agreements in place with national suppliers of vegetative roof systems, and as such, can issue a single source warranty. Laurenco will provide all products up-to and including the drainage board, sometimes the root barrier if required.  The balance of the vegetative roof system is supplied by the vegetative roof supplier specified by the design professional.  If specified and if Laurenco has an agreement in place with the vegetative roof supplier, a single source warranty may be issued.

7 growing media installed

Growing medium is installed.  The path allowing access for servicing the vegetative roof will receive pavers once complete.

8 pre-grown mats istallation

Vegetation being installed.  In this instance the vegetation was supplied in rolls and simply rolled out over the growing medium.  Laurenco Waterproofing Systems have been installed under extensive, intensive and tray installed vegetative roof systems.

9 pre-grown mats installed

75% of vegetative system in place.

10 Pre-grown mats installed Vegetative system is complete.  Pavers will be installed at service paths.